New Year's Eve is the holiday of anticipation. For nearly a quarter century I have photographed this event around the world, annually traveling to a different city so to research local customs and record the festivities with my camera. My pictures reveal intimate narratives about ordinary people filled with the spirit of an extraordinary night. The subjects of my photographs are all willing participants, flattered by the prospect of a moment in the spotlight.

In every destination or venue for this work, I meet people who respond to my images and find they evoke a connection to a story or memory. I have gathered such experiences, traditions and prophesies to present with my photographs in homage to this great event. My web-site is a new resource for the collection and diffusion of this information

You are encouraged to participate by submitting stories and commentary to this forum. The site will be updated on a regular basis. All material selected for presentation on these pages will be duly acknowledged with a sample from my imagery.

Bookmark the site and visit often to enjoy the changing of the scenery...

...anticipating a happy new year...           Jill Waterman


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